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Doesn't appear to be working... won't open but says I can't delete because it's open. I can't log on to google or any of the preferred site usually available via free VPNs. I have to scrap it off… MALWARE BEWARE 4/9/2017 7:04:04 PM 1/5 By Chris_M_Bird. Just don't install this!!! Apple needs to remove it soon!!!! I got it because it was free, and said, “no registration, one click” but it won't work… says user name invalid…. there is no setup, no config, no options…. and no way to make it work, I emailed them, once I finally found out how, …

good for students

International students such as chinese student who want to take online class in China will need it! The MicVPN speed is pretty good!

High quality app

this app i used for a long time,any mistakes did not appear in the process of using,influenced me the use of the vpn to download and upload speed quickly, what want to see video,can easily play,don’t say what’s the problem, the vpn when going abroad,is one of the best tools,can make us pleasure browsing website.astokes160

Disconnets every single time

for 35.00 a year ..this app disconnects evrytime I try to use it. I work with sensative material under heavy NDA and was recommended this app. I’ve contacted the company which basically just tells me to restart, putting me at risk.

Too difficult to cancel

Trying to cancel and all their directions and very vague. Will have to contact Apple to cancel this one.

Stable connection

If you download the APP, you'll find the APP nice. In the process of browsing the Internet, there will not be interrupted, the connection is stable, can easily browse the network of other countries, there is no browse the unfavorable situation, after using this APP, everything is more relaxed

No network environment restrictions

I download the APP and try out a period of time, found that the APP relative to the other APP, network connection speed, when access to other network connection process is stable, only need to use this APP is a simple part, this is free of charge, in any environment, as long as connected to the other countries, can access, there is no limit to the network environment


Objectively, this APP is really too good, use it in a period of time, help me to solve a lot of things, as usual, I like to watch some video information on the Internet, but a lot of TV shows on the existing network at reading, but with this APP, found that everything is so simple, manually choose the corresponding country, you can visit the web site of the country, so take a look at the video is very simple

Quick connection speed

When you download this APP, you might not realize that you download a great APP, the APP connection speed, as long as you select a country, it can access the network state, relative to the several kinds of APP, the connection speed, in browsing the network of other countries, there is no abnormal condition, stable connection.

Thanks for the app

this app is magical, more powerful.i download this app because need to consult the data in our daily work ,but some limitations of the existing network, a lot of information not check coarse ,so listen to other’s advice to download the app, the app is simple to operate ,so long as manually choose the corresponding country ,you can caress the network of the country ,help me to solve a lot of questions

The best vpn you will ge

This APP is free on macOS systems again, you can rest assured bold use, in use process, will not suffer to interrupt the network connection speed is bad, the APP connection speed, as long as the connection, you can access the websites of other countries, also won't leak out your personal traces, in any case the APP is great

Worth to use

this app can choose browse the country the choice of many, has the United States, Britain,singapore,ect, when we are confined to existing networks, we can try this app.the connection speed is fast, when we visit other countries, there will not be interruoted,can not being us trouble, this app must be the best i used.

Safe and reliable

This APP is easy to operate, when we want to visit the site of the country, and manually choose the countries, when we are on a visit to other countries, we don't have to worry about personal information was leaked, network connection speed, the only connection, you can access to other countries, safe and reliable is one of the most important features of it

works for a bit, then demands payment.

This app seemed nice for a bit, maybe a week or 2. Now it wont work unless you pay their ransom. Ill just use the one on my router, thanks anyway.

This APP is very operable

I learned from a friend of the APP, because daily work always need to find some information on the Internet, but there are some things, under the condition of the existing network, inaccessible, and use the APP, all problems are solved, when do you want to visit that country's network, only need to manually choose the country, more convenient operation

User authentication failed.

I was able to use this application for about 3-4 days, and I loved it. All of a sudden, one day, I went to connect to the VPN, and it gives me an error: "User authentication failed." I tried contacting support, and when I did, he told me to just click the "Try elite for free", I did that, and did all the app store sign in and everything, and nothing happened, I replied to the email, and never got answered back.

Slow and Doesn’t work with Netflix

It doesn’t work with netflix for me and it’s slow for other streaming sites. It’s a bargain price but I don’t think it’s worth it.

Run smoothly and function well

From my friends, I know to this APP, because ordinary work relies on the Internet, but sometimes you want to find some information on the Internet, more troublesome, then listen to the friend's introduction, download the APP, the APP is simple operation, want to ask the network of the country, manually choose to be the state can, in the process of running smoothly.

That's good

I downloaded this APP is aimed to find information on the Internet, because I study literature, so I want to look up information on the Internet, use the APP for a period of time, I found this APP function good, can let me quickly find what I need on the Internet, this APP running, nor any other bad situation, don't like any other APP, I really like it.

Can ruduce our time

I download this app for my work, As a office worker, sometimes often browse some foreign websites, but as things stand, there are some limitations, but since I use the APP, I found that everything is not a problem, it can let browse to the site, and can get some learning materials, save some time to do other things, I am very happy.

Easy to use and willing to share

This APP is very nice, the connection speed is fast, running very smooth,I used for a long time, also found no other mistakes, that's a good experience, and want to introduce this APP to my friend, believe they will like it.

Practical and convenient

This APP is very convenient to use and fast connection, it is very convenient to operate, query some after-school learning materials on the Internet is very convenient, but also save us much time browsing the web on the Internet, let me have more time to do other things

You will feel good for this app

The most but not least,the connetion speed is fast,I can query information for a moment,the information for the internet you can not esay to browse the content. The app works smoothly,I can not worry about something,I like it so much.

You can try it

This app connetion speed is fast,I can use it to query information for my work,the app save out some problem for our work,I work as assistaner, doing some file to sort out and figure out,using this app save sometime for me.

That's ok to use

I work with office,working with how to dealing with file and query information,the internet give us some convenience,I download this app by chance.but I use this app for two weeds, I think that this app work userful for my work,the connetion speed is fast

It's worth using and anticipating

I use this app for my work and study, working with internet can not leave out this app,the app connetion speed is fast and work smoothly,I can query some study information for my work and study,I save some time for doing other thing.

Satisified with it

I learned from friends that this APP, the APP function is better, it is very convenient to use, The connection speed is fast , When you want to query data, you will find that you can quickly get the information on the network.

beyond my imagination

Because of the daily life, I always spend a lot of time to deal with some of the things work in the network,sometimes want to query some data, so in a friend's recommendation, I use this APP, found that his connection speed fast, the connection is relatively smooth.

So nice to use.

It has a very good connection, the connection speed is very fast, even after the very stable, very easy to use. In the home, it is also particularly convenient. In fact, no matter where the APP is very easy to use. I have to say that this APP meets all the requirements for VPN software.

Be worth to use

This app can save some problem in you life and work,with the develop of internet,we comsume a lot of time in internet to deal with our work,that because this app connetion speed is fast and synchronize files,compared with other app,I think this app give me most gratification.

Not good to use in China

Well I downloaded this VPN to connect to some US website but it’s so slow in China!!!! Maybe it works better in the states? I don’t know. But if you plan to use it in China to connect to FB, Youtube, etc. Don’t. That’s my suggestion.

The best VPN software I have used.

I need to be in a network environment at any time. I think this VPN software really can help me work better. Because as a VPN software, it's professional. No any trouble, everything works great. I need it work for me. I think it will be a good choice to use it.

Fast and stable than I thought.

I have used a lot of this type of APP, have to say that the APP really so easy to use. Everything work smoothly, the peed fast, very stable, Speed quickly, and very stable, I use it when the Internet did not appear any problems. I also have no truble when I use it do my works.

Fast VPN!

I downloaded this VPN software with some very low expecations due to the competition. I have to say after testing it out and putting it through its paces, that I am thoroughly impressed! This is a pretty fast VPN (tested in US) and you can’t beat a run-and-go installation! Props to the devs on this one for making it drop-dead simple and easy to use!

Working great so far!

I just started using this today, it’s easy and fast to use. Will keep using it in the future!

This “App” will not allow third party software like Transmission to run at the same time. Deleting.

This is pretty useless when they don’t allow third party apps to work while this VPN is running. Will be deleting and moving on to a better service without these limitations. Bye Felicia!

The icon keeps disappearing & kicking me out.

When it works, it works well, but most often than not the VPN kicks me out and disappears. I need to constaly keep checking if I am still connected to the service and re-connect constant. I did pay for the service and I regret it. More time without service than with service. Annoying!

That's the real VPN app.

I know that I get a great VPN app. After I connect, I feel that its speed is so good. Everything work smoothly, I really don't worry about that my work can't finish on time. Because my works are need internet, this app can give me the speed. I'm so happy I had this one.

Too practical.

Have to say that although the APP is very easy to see, but it is very easy to use. Network connection without any problems, and the network speed is also very fast. It is also very simple to use, not too much complicated operation. I think I downloaded a very good APP.

So useful for me.

Ok, let me tell the truth about this vpn, I have never used an app like it, which can works without any troubles, all the things are going very well. Since using it, I feel that the efficiency of my work has improved a lot and saved me a lot of time. Thanks!

It really can not be easy to use.

This one is really better than other apps, I used a lot of this type of APP, Have to say that the APP really so easy to use, and will not crash the problem, as well as the connection speed is not good. It really is a worth owning APP.

Beyond my imagination.

I often use VPN in school because I want to find information to complete my course. I tried a lot of VPN software but did not have this easy to use, the APP connection speed is very fast, it can handle my learning problems well. It is so easy to use!

So nice to use it.

Simple on and pff switch function, choose what country you what to be in and you are good to go. A customer of long tome, and the software has been quite reliable over the lat time with no crashes I can think of. Highly recommended! Great job!

Reliable and easy.

Overall I am quite pleased with this app. Not only is this app absolutely adorable it does its job well!! Very reliable and works perfectly, not many ads to, keep up the good work. I can get a great connection with it. Very enjoy this app, I think I get a good thing.

Always works.

A quick, easy to use VPN for unblocking in countries where that's needed. This app gives me fast and reliable internet, at times the connection can be great and it gets the job done. I've never had a problem with this app and I have no complaints. I would definitely recommend this app!

Best VPN of all.

I like it! It works well and it works every time. No dropped connections, speed is minimally affected, able to use streaming service while overseas with US, all good things. I think this one is very useful, highly recommended it.

It's so far good.

I normally don't write reviews but this was the easiest app to set up. I have used a few products in the past few weeks, but this VPN really worked well with my Mac. It can do a good connection, everything work smoothly. Great one!

Stable connection

This is the best app i would recommend for you, it has a stable connection. I've had no problems with it. It connects fast and I'm not spammed with ads. I have recommended this app to my friends and I would recommend it to y'all.

Great VPN app!

It does exactly what I want and need it to do! It has helped me many times with online struggles. I really like this app, it pretty cool how you can save my private photos. I like this one and glad I found it.

Simply the best!

It does exactly what I want and need it to do! It does what it says it will do and has helped me many times with online struggles. Very good connection, I use it on public wifi and at work. I have to say this vpn is the best I've used by far.

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